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Monday, July 2, 2012

MOM Tattoos

The first tattoo, that is not my own, I am sharing with you belongs to Eric.
Eric’s tattoo is a very crisp traditional MOM tattoo.  He got the tattoo at Lucky 13 Tattoo, Covington, KY (I do not know the specific artist, but will include that info when/if I receive it).

Eric got the tattoo in homage of his mother, who he lost to colon cancer at the age of 43.  He, understandably, felt that part of himself had died along with his mother, who he stated was the most important person in his life.

Poetically, the tattoo was placed over Eric’s heart, the place where his mother will always dwell.

Eric informed me of his plans for more artwork, I am hopeful that he will share it with us.

I am a fan of the MOM tattoos, I love that they are so traditional and generally signify a boy’s love for his mother (I am aware that women have mothers too and can have MOM tattoos, but the majority reside on the skin of the male species). 
As I explained in a previous post, I have a tattoo for my grandparents, but no one truly knows until I explain it to them.  There is never a mystery who the collector received the MOM tattoo for.
Eric’s tattoo shouts to the world that he loves his mother.  That is a beautiful thing…….

Remembrance tattoos have to be a significant percentage of tattoos inked.  Google remembrance tattoos and the images are endless, from quotes, to symbols to portraits.  People remember their loved ones in an infinite number of different ways.  I, however, am not a fan of portrait tattoos.  I have seen some that are stunning in their uncanny likeness to the subject.  But, one misplaced shadow and the portrait can easily become a caricature.  There are endless photos of poorly done portrait tattoos on the internets; I would simply die if I had to live with one of those on my skin.

TrippyBeth's advice is this, if you feel that you cannot live another day without a portrait of your great grandfather on your left bicep, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  There are many tattoo artists who specialize in this form of tattoo, talk to the artist, pour over their portfolio and don't rush into it!!!  I can't imagine how tattoo regret would feel, and I surely don't want any of you to experience it.

Okay, I'll step down from my soapbox and say this, thank you Eric for sharing your tattoo and your story with us, I look forward to seeing your future artwork.


Anonymous said...

You provide such great insight on the world of tattoos. I enjoy reading your blog.

TrippyBeth said...

Thank you!
I generally write fiction, so it's taking some effort to find my voice. I hope that you'll continue to follow my posts!!

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