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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Organs and Ink

On this fine Wednesday I am presenting Jeremy’s tattoos.
Jeremy is a 19yo suffering from Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia (BOOP)
Jeremy is in need of a double lung transplant.

So let me take a minute to go a little off-topic……

It doesn’t cost the donor or the donor’s family a cent, and one donor could potentially save 8 lives and vastly improve many others.
There are so many arguments against donation, that I hate to even give them any power by mentioning them, but I have to.

“I might need them in the afterlife” (yes I’ve heard this)  what kind of idiot uses this argument? A pussy. 
We’ve all seen remains.  All the organs are still there, only rotted, turned to dust, mummified, etc.  So, guess what?? That argument is invalid. Shut your word hole.

“My God doesn’t approve”  uuummmm, dude……. YOUR God is an asshole.  YOUR God is against saving lives? WTF?  I surely wouldn’t follow a God that is such a jerk, if I were you I’d rethink my religious affiliations.

“They might not try hard enough to save me if they know I’m a donor”  this is so ridiculous that I hate that I even have to address it.  As a medical professional, I know that every possible treatment would be exhausted before one’s family is asked about organ donation.  There aren’t docs out there saying “I really don’t wanna deal with this patient anymore, let’s just harvest his organs.” Doesn’t happen.  If you believe this, you’ve watched too much television. So stop it.

I dig China’s method of dealing with the lack of organ donations in their country.  They harvest organs of prisoners slated to be executed.
They say that the prisoners must give informed consent.  I am a little skeptical about that particular aspect of the whole process, China isn’t exactly above board on things like this, but…….. I think that if you are scheduled to be executed, your rights are revoked.  I believe in a humane execution, but beyond that, the convict belongs to the state.  They’ve already been a burden to society, from legal costs, any medical care, to actual room and board.  They OWE their fellow man, this is the best way that they can repay their debt.

For accurate information on organ donation, please visit this website:

Now, back to Jeremy’s ink.

The first tattoo I’m showing you is a symbol for the marine corps that he got in homage of his grandfather, who is a 15 year stomach cancer survivor.  To Jeremy his grandfather is a symbol of encouragement as he does battle with his lung disease.
 A classic armed forces tattoo, I love these types of tattoos
Jeremy’s other two tattoos are of birds to honor his parents.  An owl for his mama and an eagle for his father, their favorite fowl.

Jeremy had his work done at One Shot Tattoo in Cincinnati  by Oliver, his portfolio can be found here

Nice tattoos Jeremy, here’s hoping that you receive a set of lungs really soon!
I’m sending good vibes your way. 

Hopefully someone will read this and decide to become an organ and tissue donor!
TrippyBeth is one!!!!

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