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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snoozing and Stabbing.....

Aaaaahhhhhh Tuesday, you’ve started off a little rough for me……… I overslept this morning. I awoke with the alarm and then negotiated with myself for more time, deciding that I really didn’t need to stop for coffee….. And that would shave about 8-10 minutes from my commute. 

I hit the snooze. 

The next time I hear the alarm 20+ minutes had passed.  More negotiation…. I won’t flat iron my hair, curly is just fine. 

I hit the snooze. 

The next time I hear the alarm, it is 10 minutes before I have to be at work.  Why do I always think that the snooze button is my friend??


“No sense in losing your mind now TrippyBeth” I get up, call work, and get ready like a normal day.  Since I was already late, I got my coffee. 

Trying to right my world.

When I arrive work, I walk into my boss’ office to find a coworker trying to stab me in the back.  She seemed a little startled at my presence and began to backstep….

You’re caught CM. 

I bit my tongue…. There were several ugly things that I could say.  But I didn’t want to be that girl.  So I confirmed that I was, in fact, correct, pulled the knife from my back and turned on my heel and walked out of the office……

Now, an hour later, she asks if I feel ok “You’re not your usual chipper self.”  For fuck’s sake woman, don’t act so oblivious. 

Anyway, I shall carry on…..

So, arriving at work 20 minutes late sets off a chain of events…. Moving everything up 30 minutes.  Yay! But all that is taken care of now, I need to work and research a super interesting blog post.

I’m not completely sure that is going to happen.  If it doesn’t, accept my apologies, I’ll be back tomorrow.  If it does…… GO ME!!!

Here’s hoping your Tuesday started off better than mine!!!


Vigilarius said...

What a terrible start to your day! You probably had to see this person your entire Tuesday as well; I bet your "let's make a fake smile for this little so-and-so while secretly burning with a hatred brighter than the sun" muscles were working overtime ...

Fortunately, no one's ever asked me why I'm not chipper as I'm never chipper. Slightly manic occasionally, maybe even a little jolly and full of fancy; never chipper, though. ;)

TrippyBeth said...

All fucking day long i had to look at her face.....
i'm still pissy today.
i would never describe myself as chipper, i felt like her statement was a little condescending, i'm usually pessimistic and grouchy (at the office)
but work will do that to a person.

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