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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Optimistic Suicide....

“I don’t want to end up in your blog.”

I wonder if writing this blog could end up being dating suicide?
Me, before heading out last night.

I direct people to the blog so that they might get an idea about who I am.  I think that it could make someone decide whether or not they would truly want to meet me.  I’m sure that a person could tell right away if we had zero things in common, or if they thought that I was a super cool, totally awesome chica that they HAD to get to know.

With that being said, I don’t document every minute of my life on here.  First of all, it would be entirely too boring and potentially sad.  But like I said to A last night “I don’t talk about the good things on my blog, some things I like to keep all to myself.”

Of course, there hasn’t been an excessive amount of “good things” going on since I started writing this blog.  That’s not to say that I haven’t had fun, I have, I try to always have fun.

Maybe, when I meet THE ONE (don’t laugh at me, I am allowed to act like a girl) I’ll share it.  Hell, who knows, I could go in to total estrogen overdrive and torture you with unending slobbering over THE ONE.  Doesn’t sound like me.  But I really can’t say what would happen, there has been no precedent.

I could fall madly in love and my next tattoo will be homage of my beloved! Yea, I’m pretty sure that will never happen.  I don’t mean the “madly in love” part, I mean the tattoo in homage of my beloved.  I cannot see myself EVER getting anyone’s name tattooed upon my skin; I truly believe that’s a bad idea.  A bad idea for me, I’m sure there are folks out there who are perfectly happy with a lover’s name etched upon their breast.  To each his or her own.

I do have tattoos that symbolize family members.  I know their meaning, but the casual onlookers wouldn’t know.  And I’m okay with that.  Some things are personal.  So I could possibly, someday, get a tattoo that symbolizes someone that I have fallen in love with.

I kinda like this, the matching, simple hearts.  My only issue with this, is if (and we all know that it can happen) things go horribly wrong, you are forever stuck with this reminder.  I know it could be covered or removed, but that’s even more of a reminder of a failure.  Just call me Polly Anna, I’m forever the optimist!

Actually I have been a little more optimistic lately.  I have concert tickets to see Black Stone Cherry ( tonight that I bought a few months ago.  When I bought the tickets, I thought “I’ll surely be dating someone by then”. 


I did get a friend to agree to go with me tonight, so it will still be fun!  Dinner first at Cock-N-Bull, which I always call Cock-N-Balls thanks to CC, then the concert at The Madison Theater (!!  It’s a cool venue, a great place to catch a show, and as a bonus, it’s not too far from my own humble abode!

I have tickets for an upcoming party over Labor Day weekend, the 2011 Fireworks Party on the Purple People Bridge (!about-us) and, currently, I don’t have a +1, but I still have some time.  It’s a BBQ dinner, up to 10 pints of craft beer or mixed drinks, blues music and you get to watch the fireworks from the bridge.  It shouldn’t be hard to get someone to accompany me to that, right? But, it’s still me, so who knows… (that was a little pessimistic).

I also have an extra ticket for the ZZ Top concert in September, but if I can’t find a date, I’m sure I can get someone to go.  I mean, it’s ZZ-friggin-Top!

I love Covington, so much to do, I’m really glad that I moved here.  It’s a far cry from the town of 500 that I’m from.  There are always festivals and events in the area. 

I remember the first time that I went to Maifest in Mainstrasse.
CC and I met there in the early afternoon.  We began drinking big mugs of festival beer.  I had been chatting with a man that happened to be a detective with an area police department.  We were texting that day and I told him that he should come down to the festival.  I warned him that CC was with me, that he was a guy, but it was totally cool.  He was okay with it and agreed to come down to meet me. But he wouldn’t arrive until approximately 6 hours after I had arrived.

This was poor planning.

When he arrived CC and I had over-imbibed.  In my defense, I was unaware that the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (KBBA)had such a high alcohol content.  I only knew that it was yummy!

The detective found us listening to a band.  He sat in a chair between CC and I, this was a bad move on his part. 

CC is a terrible wing man, yes I said it.

As the detective and I attempted to chat and get to know one another, CC kept interjecting.  “Are you going to be Beth’s PRIVATE DICK?”  and if he had said it once, I could have blown it off.  He said it OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!

Needless to say, the detective suddenly needed to “go to work” and abruptly headed out.  Who could blame him??  I was giggly and silly, CC was inebriated and obnoxious… GO US!

We venture to another bar, when I come to the realization that we will have to get a hotel room.  So I get my phone out to call for one.  I cannot even complete that simple task, and neither can CC.

Since I am never hesitant to talk to strangers when I’m sober, and even less so when drinking, I turn to a couple sitting at a table behind us and say “Hey, can you help us book a hotel room?”

The girl says “Sure!” whips out her phone, and bing, bang, boom has the hotel on the phone, hands us her phone and the next thing I know, we have a room reserved!

So in celebration of their kindness, shots start to flow.  We hang out with them and celebrate for a while before we make our way to the hotel.  I’m sure we were asleep before our heads hit the pillows.

The next morning we were awake by 8am, which is not like either of us.  We were confused.  What was wrong with us?  Why were we awake so early?  As we began to mentally retrace the steps of the evening, I got out my phone.  I saw the time that we were attempting to phone a hotel, did some math in my head.  We were probably back at the hotel by 11pm!! No wonder we were up so early!

So take TrippyBeth’s advice, choose your wingman wisely and remember KBBA has a high alcohol content!!!


Some Kind Of Funky said...

Awesome blog. You had an awesome time. Wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

Like I said... if the blog runs someone off, you don't want them anyway. ;)

TrippyBeth said...

Thanks Funky!!

And Anonymous, you're right, the blog is a pretty accurate reflection of me... if they don't like it, they won't like me.